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This website is provided as a point of reference (see reference materials to your left) for engineers and programmers and to give more information about my background and the extent of my experience throughout serveral industries.

dcco is the name of my consulting company (Doug Cameron and COmpany) and specializes in Consulting, Audio Visual System Design, Engineering (real-time process control), and Project Management.

Shown below are a couple of projects from different industries, giving examples of different modalities that I am experienced and proficient in. For a complete overview, please see my resume, found elsewhere on this website.

I have extensive background in audio visual system design and project management of corporate environments and educational facilities. Design emphasis has been placed on web-based, real-time process control of audio visual controllers and their components.  Vendors I work with include AMX, Crestron, Extron, Polycom, Cisco, and many others. I hold certifications with many of these vendors in addition to a CTS certification with infocomm.

As an everyday process when we use the phonebook (although the phonebook is going by the wayside to the internet), it is a rare occasion that you will find a page missing and/or a duplication of pages. This is due to a real-time process control concept that I developed for the bindery industry.

And again, when you go out on Sunday morning to pick up your Sunday paper, and all those inserts fall out, you can thank me. This is because of my development and implementation of a real-time process control concept and system, found in 80% of the major newspapers worldwide. This process correctly puts a newspaper together (newspapers are printed in sections, not all at once) with sections and inserts both geographically, and demographically with the proper inserts.

K-12 and College classrooms of today leave a lot to be desired as to the integration of current technology to enhance the learning experience of student and tools available for instruction in teaching/lecturing. For the most-part, roll-around carts are still used when an instructor needs to present/display documents, slides (powerpoint) images, videos, and sound (among others). The dcTEC classroom was designed to give the instructor room on a podium (custom designed), and to be able to have room for textbooks and papers without having everything piled on top of each other while teaching. See the Classroom Technology section for detailed information

During my employment career, I have held positions within different industries and disciplines, including banking, information technology, farming, post-sales, ownership, and management. The one point that has disturbed me most during the transition between employments is that although the job market is reputably there, getting to these jobs for resume submission is another problem altogether. From the early days when I entered the job market, until today, the methodology of employment has changed drastically, and not for the betterment of job seekers and employers.  To this end, Help Wanted Direct was started and the concept website was developed.